The Department was organized in 1968.

The total number of full time faculty - 28 employees, of which  6 doctors of science,  professors, 15 assistant professors, candidates in TechSciD.

Head of Department


Dr. Antonina Dubinina, TechSciD, Prof.
Contact phone office: +380 57 349 45 78;
E-mail: (UA version)

Deputy Dept Head on Research:
letuta Dr. Tetiana Letuta
Position: Prof., sci. degree: Cand in TechSciD, Ass.Prof.
Contact phone office:  +380 57 349 45 60

Department short description

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Our team – research-and-academic staff  of the  Department of Merchandising and Expertise of Goods

RTD activities of Department

Research work of academic-and-educational staff of the Department is an integral part of the research educational activities and the organic component of the research work of the University. This work is carried out in accordance with the Concept of the Scientific-and-Educational Activity of the University, perspective and current plans of research works, in certain scientific areas of RTD of KSUFTT.

The research work on Department focuses on fundamental and applied research with a focus on developing ways to preserve food quality during processing, expertise of goods and other relevant aspects of the national and international level.

Scientific researches are based on the integration of science, education and business practices.

Main RTD area of the Department:

  • carrying out comprehensive studies of the genetic variation of the chemical composition of varieties of fruits and vegetables, common in Ukraine, identification of bio-fortified forms;
  • study of the species specificity and long accumulation of contaminants (nitrates, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides, natural toxins, mycotoxins), fruit and vegetable crops, determining their localization in plant tissues;
  • development of methods for reducing the content of contaminants in fruits and vegetables;
    study of patterns of change in the color of fruits and vegetables during processing; development of methods to its stabilization;
  • expanding the range of fortified functional nutrients and environmentally friendly products based on fruit and vegetables, the study of its nutritional value;
  • development of rational types of environmentally friendly food packaging.

Scientific schools of the Department

At the Department functions one scientific school: Scientific school The Scientific Substantiation and Optimization of Ways to Preserve Food Quality During the Processing of Vegetable Raw Materials (Scientific Supervisor of the Scientific school – Dr. Antonina Dubinina, TechSciD, Prof., Head of the Department).

International RTD activities

Research-and-educational staff of the Department during the past 5 years, has actively participated in international scientific conferences, international fairs and exhibitions, competitions and other similar events, including how to study the possibility of participation in the European Framework Program (RP) Science and Technology development, in particular in FP7 (2007-2014), and preparing specific research proposals in the framework of competitions announced by the European Commission, for example:

Participation in FP7 (2007-2014)

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In 2007, within the contest of announced by the European Commission (EC)  Call for Proposal KBBE-2007-2-3-02 «Evaluation and improvement of existing food and feed technologies» Directions «Cooperation», Theme 2 «Food, agriculture and biotechnology» Activity 2.2: Fork to farm: Food including seafood), health and well being, Area 2.2.1 Consumers, the departments of the Faculty prepared to possible project consortia own project proposals on its participation in the implementation of the following technical specifications:

 Within the EC Calls for proposals (requests for proposals - RFP) to FP7-KBBE-2007-1 Work Program it was developed and distributed through direct e-mail address dispatch to target profile addressees –  probable European consortium  project coordinators  the following specific project proposals on readiness of KSUFT as consortia university-partner  to perform a part of all-consortium research project work, including:

  • To Call (request for proposals - RFP) KBBE-2007-2-3-03: (Bio-)Technologies for the production of food additives, colorants, and flavours – the project proposal Development of new methods of stabilization of natural colour of fruits and vegetables at their processing.
  • To Call (request for proposals - RFP) KBBE-2007-2-4-02: Detecting contaminants (pollutants) in food and feed chain– the project proposal Development methods, technology both strategy of monitoring of prevention and control of pollution of vegetables by key potential dangers, including constant organic contaminants, heavy metals, mynotoxins and biological toxins.
  • To Call (request for proposals - RFP)  КВВЕ-2007-2-4-04:  KBBE-2007-2-4-04: Innovative and safe packaging – the project proposal Development of the system of identification of polymer packaging materials from manufacturing to delivery to customers, covering the issues of reuse and recycling.

All three above-indicated project proposals have been prepared by the Department of Merchandising and Expertise.

Participation in RP8 (2014-2020)

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Currently departments of Faculty spends much organizational work on searching for profile consortia within WP-Food 2016-2017 of the  Sub-priority  Food Security Priority area  Societal Challenges  2 EU Program Horizon 2020 (2014-2020)    first of all  – in area of food quality & safety, food processing, experise of goods and in others relevant research areas.

Laboratory facilities of the Department

Department has six equipped with lecturing and research laboratories, which ensures optimum conditions for RTD of any complexity:

  • Laboratory of sensory analysis.
  • Laboratory flavoring products, fresh and processed fruits and vegetables.
  • Laboratory of general and instrumental methods of food products.
  • Laboratory of grain-flour and confectionery products.
  • Research Laboratory of food safety problems.
  • Specialized computer Lab.

Basic expertises and RTD carried out by the Department  for project customers

Specific profile scientific research & technology development (RTD) and industry sectoral expertises that  the Department of Merchandising and Expertise of Goods of the Faculty of Merchandising and Trading Entreprenurship of KSUFT can actually performs in the case of address to him with such request possible European project consortium within the Horizon 2020 Programme:

  • Conducting applied targeted researches and industrial expertises in the field of comprehensive studies of the genetic variation of the chemical composition of varieties of fruits and vegetables, identification of its bio-fortified forms. study of the species and varietal specificity of accumulation of contaminants (nitrates, heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides, natural toxicants, mycotoxins), fruit-and-vegetable crops, determination of its localization in the plant tissues.
  • Development of methods for reducing the content of contaminants in fruits and vegetables.
  • The study of conformity to natural laws  of color changes ща fruit-and-vegetable production during its processing; development of methods its stabilization.
  • Expansion of the range of fortified functional nutrients and environmentally friendly products based on fruit and vegetables, the study of their nutritional value.
  • Development of rational types of environmentally friendly food packaging.
  • Other specialized expertises on a proposal of foreign customer.
  • The departments of Faculty  are also ready to perform part of the of project profile scientific researches and carry out scientific expertises on the topics, proposed by the coordinator of the European project consortium.

Scientific achievements

Over the last 5 years at the Department carried out 19 research themes, of which: 1 State budget (low cost) category by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU).

Much attention at the Department is also paid to scientific publishing activity, namely:

Was published 42 monographs, 15 textbooks, 21 study guide. Department staff received 18 patents, approved 15 packages of regulatory documents (TS – Technical Specifications, TI – Technical Instructions). Scientists of the Department participated in 73 scientific-and-practical conferences, including 59 – international level (Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Belarus, Greece, Poland, Tunisia, Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Georgia, Great Britain, Slovenia and others), 15 – all Ukrainian level (Kharkiv, Kyiv, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa, Lugansk, Lutsk, Lvov, Uzhgorod, Alushta).

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Researchers of  the Department of Merchandising and Expertise of Goods Ms. Ol’’ga Khomenko, Cand in TechSciD, Ass.Prof,  and  Dr. Galyna Selyutina, Cand in TechSciD, Prof,   during their RTD  work on the theme The Expanding the Range and Practical Aspects of the Formation and Evaluation of the Quality of Plant Products using modern specialized laboratory equipment (spectrophotometer SF-103) with specialized computer software during the examination of the food quality and safety (identification and detecting counterfeiting).