The Department was organized in 1995.

The total number of staff employees - 9 employees, including: faculty members of the Department – 8,  of which: – 1 professor (Prof),  doctor of science (SciD), 1 professor (Prof),  candidate in doctors of science (CandSciD), 4 assistant professors (AssProf), candidates in doctors of science (CandSciD)), 2 assistant professors (AssProf).

Head of Department


Dr. Tаtiana Pichugina, EconSciD, Prof.
Contact phone office: +380 57 349 45 27;
E-mail: (UA version)

Deputy Dept Head on research and simultaneously  – Contact person from Department speaking in English
bezginova Ms. Lyubov Bezginova,
Position: Deputy Head of Dept, Ass.Prof, sci. degree: Cand in EconSciD, Ass.Prof..
Contact phone office:  380 57 349 45 27

Department short description

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Our team – research-and-academic staff of the Department of Management of Organizations

RTD activity

The basis of RTD activity at the Department

The Department of Bread is one of the leading departments of IFTB  of KSUFTT, activity of which is directed to providing of preparation of specialists for the enterprises of bread, pastry, pasta and concentrates branches of food industry, retail and restaurant business in the field of  effective management of this type of enterprises.

Concept of activity of the department is formation of highly qualified CEO and managers of a new type of innovative mindset, which provides training in the integration of education, science and production.

Research activities of the Department conducted according to the Plan of research work of the University both on the State budget and also on self-financing contractual topics.

Priority of RTD’s areas

  • Assessment the effectiveness of the placement of establishments of restaurant industry, which are members of the network
  • Assessment an effective development of network of restaurant facilities
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the functioning of enterprises of various organizational and legal forms
  • Diagnosis of the financial crisis and the threat of bankruptcy
  • Assessment the financial sustainability of retailers
  • Assessment the investment attractiveness of the enterprise
  • Development a plans of creating a competitive business strategy of enterprise.

Scientific schools at the Department

At the Department was formed and acts up to now the following scientific schools:

  • Scientific school  Solution of Problems of Increase of Efficiency of Investment Projects Management,  Investment Strategies Development and Validation (Scientific supervisor of the school – Dr. Tаtiana Pichugina, EconSciD, Prof, Department’s Head).
  • Scientific School Solution of Problems of  the Human Capital Management  (HCM) and Improving of Management of Enterprises  in Conditions of Crisis (Scientific supervisor of the school –  Dr. Liubov  Zabrodskaya, Prof., CandEconSciD)

The results of scientific researches, conducted within the framework of the above scientific schools, are being introduced both in the educational process, and also in the practice of retail and restaurant industry.

International  RTD activity

Research-and-academic staff of Department over the past 5 years, has actively participated in International scientific conferences, international fairs and exhibitions, competitions and other similar events.

Including studied the possibility of participation in the European Commission's Framework Programs (FP) of Research-and-Technological Development (RTD), in particular in FP7 (2007-2014).

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Expected involvement of Department  in FP8 - Horizon 2020 (2014-2020)

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Currently Department spends much organizational work on searching for profile consortia within WP-Food 2016-2017 of the  Sub-priority  Food Security Priority area  Societal Challenges  2 EU Program Horizon 2020 (2014-2020)    first of all  – in the field of management of organizations to improve the safety and sustainable reliability of  produced food products, food processing and in others relevant research areas.

 Material-and-technical base of the chair

Material-and-technical base of the Department provides optimally both educational process and RTD activity of scientists and students.

Department has the necessary material-and-technical basis both for ensuring the training-and-educational process and also for to carrying out the planned RTD work of research staff and students: lecture halls and classrooms, where are held lectures, seminars and workshops. Premises for lecture and practical classes which meet  modern requirements for the educational process with use of modern computer equipment, specialized computer devices and software.

What type of specialized RTD works  and industry sectoral expertise can really fulfill the Department of Management of Organizations of the Faculty of Management of KSUFT in the case of recourse to her with such request of the probable  European project consortium within the Horizon 2020?

Basic expertises and RTD carried out by the Department  for project customers.

Specific profile scientific research & technology development (RTD) and industry sectoral expertises that  the Department of Management of Organizations of the Faculty of Management of KSUFT  can actually performs in the case of address to him with such request possible European project consortium within the Horizon 2020 Programme:

  • Applied targeted RTD works  and industry sectoral expertises in the field of assessment the effectiveness of placing of  the establishments of trade and restaurant business, members of the network. (FS-34-2017).
  • Applied targeted RTD works  and industry sectoral expertises in the field of  diagnosis of the financial crisis and the threat of bankruptcy.
  • Applied targeted RTD works  and industry sectoral expertises in the field of evaluation of the development of networks catering facilities. (SFS-34-2017)
  • Other specialized expertises on a proposal of foreign customer.
  • The Department  is also ready to perform part of the of project profile scientific researches and carry out scientific expertises on the topics, proposed by the coordinator of the European project consortium.

Scientific achievements of Department

Scientific developments are introduced on the leading bakery and confectionery enterprises, trading companies and restaurants of Ukraine and implemented in the educational process.

  • 3 dissertations are defended, of which 3 – for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences (Cand in EconSciD).

Scientific publishing activity

During the time of existence of the Department (since 2008), researchers of the Department had published more than 400 works of total volume of 387,7 print sheets. Among the published works - 18 monographs, 1 textbook, 9 textbooks (1 – with Stamp-Label*  of MESU), 3 teaching aids (1 – with Stamp-Label* of MESU), 168 scientific articles and 220 abstracts.

*Note: «The Special Stamp-Label» of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Stamp-Label of MESU) - is the official evidence of recognition the conformity of educational textbooks to requirements of State educational standards, pedagogical training and other regulatory documents. Is assigned on the basis of the Order of the MESU of 17.06.2008 N 537 under the title «Procedure of conferring to educational textbooks, training facilities, equipment and certificates of the special stamp-label of MESU». Canceled by Order of MESU №486 «On some issues of cancellation by MESU procedures of conferring a special classified stamp-label to educational textbooks for higher educational establishments» of 8.04.2014.

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Researchers of the  Department of Management of Organizations of the Faculty of Management of KSUFTT Ass.Prof. Lyubov Bezginova, Cand in EconSciD, Ass.Prof (at the podium) reports on the implementation of her planned RTD work on theme The Policy of Management of Crisis State of Retailers, made in one of the specialized computer classes with the use of modern specialized computer equipment and software.