The Department was organized in 1995

The total number of full time faculty - 12 employees, including – 3 professors, of which  – 3 doctors of science, 6 assistant professors, 7 PhD.

Head of Department


Dr. Nataliia Savytska, Econ.SciD.,Prof.
Contact phone office: ++380 57 34945 68;    (UA version)
Е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deputy Dept Head on Research:
zhegus   Ms. Olena Zhegus,,
Position: Associate Professor, science degree: Ph.D., academic rank: Associate Professor
Contact phone office:  +380 57 349 45 68
Contact person from Faculty speaking in English:
krasnousov   Mr. Andriy Krasnousov,
Position: Ass. Prof., Science degree: Cand in EconSciD.
Contact phone office: +380 349 45 68

 Department short description

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Our team – research-and-academic staff of the Department of Marketing and Commercial Activity of the Faculty of Economics of KSUFTT

Research-and-Technology Development (RTD) activity

The basis of RTD activity at the Department

The mission of the Department of Marketing and Commercial Activities - training of highly qualified and competent professionals in the field of marketing and advertising with the system, integrity, innovation-oriented world, owning the modern application of marketing tools. Performing missions is subject to the principles of integration of education, science & RTD with business practices. The fundamental basis of the educational process on a specialty Marketing is the Department’s RTD in the field of modern marketing and didactics of higher education.

Research developments of the Department focuses on the following areas:

  • Market research for goods and services
  • Marketing planning in trade and restaurant business
  • Management of promotional and advertizing  activities
  • Marketing in banks
  • Strategic and operational marketing in the markets of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer)
  • Sports marketing
  • Other areas.

Research developments of Department are in great demand and interest in the agricultural, industrial and commercial enterprises.

Among the partners and customers of research developments conducted by the Department are:

  • Ukrainian Marketing Association (UMA).
  • Department of Sporting Image Projects and Marketing of the Kharkiv City Council (Mayor’s Office).
  • Academy of Internal Troops (AIT) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine.
  • The Subject of Entrepreneurship - The Individual (SEI) – Lyudmila Kobzunenko «The Kharkiv Marketing Lab.»
  • Enterprises of sphere of trade and services of the Kharkiv region.
  • Other customers

Research-and-academic staff of Department is constantly improving their professional qualifications, provides an effective combination of their theoretical and research activities with the practical application of the results in the economic, organizational and marketing areas as of Kharkiv Region and also of Ukraine.

International  RTD activity

Research-and-academic staff of Department over the past 5 years, has actively participated in International scientific conferences, international fairs and exhibitions, competitions and other similar events.

Including studied the possibility of participation in the European Commission's Framework Programs (FP) of Research-and-Technological Development (RTD), in particular in FP7 (2007-2014).

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Expected involvement of Department  in FP8 - Horizon 2020 (2014-2020)

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Currently Department spends much organizational work on searching for profile consortia within WP-Food 2016-2017 of the  Sub-priority  Food Security Priority area  Societal Challenges  2 EU Program Horizon 2020 (2014-2020)    first of all  – in area of food quality & safety, food processing and in others relevant research areas.

Material-and-technical base of the chair

epartment has the necessary material-and-technical basis for ensuring the educational process and to carry out the planned RTD work of research staff and students: lecture halls and classrooms, where are held lectures, seminars and workshops. Premises for lecture and practical classes which meet  modern requirements for the educational process with use of modern computer equipment, specialized computer devices and software.

What type of specialized research and industry expertise can actually perform the Department of Marketing and commercial activities of the Economic Faculty of KSUFTT in case of appeal to it with the such request of the European project consortium likely under the Horizon 2020?

Specific profile scientific research and industry expertise that can really perform the Department of Marketing and commercial activity:

  • Applied targeted research-and-technology development (RTD)  and industry-and-sectoral expertise in the field of market research products and services.
  • Applied targeted RTD  and industry-and-sectoral expertise in the field of marketing analysis of the market of safe food.
  • Applied targeted RTD  and industry-and-sectoral expertise in the field of  formation of a marketing policy for the organic meat market.
  • Applied targeted RTD  and industry-and-sectoral expertise in the field of creation and promotion of consumer value nutrition products.
  • Department is also ready to perform the part of the profile project RTD works and industry or sectoral research-and-scientific expertises on topics proposed by the coordinator of the European project consortium.

Scientific-and-publishing activity of Department

Over the last 5 years the staff of the department were published 16 monographs, 9 textbooks (5 – with Stamp-Label* of MESU), 14 manuals, 211 articles, 128 abstracts, 72 teaching publications.

*Note: «The Special Stamp-Label» of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Stamp-Label of MESU) - is the official evidence of recognition the conformity of educational textbooks to requirements of State educational standards, pedagogical training and other regulatory documents. Is assigned on the basis of the Order of the MESU of 17.06.2008 N 537 under the title «Procedure of conferring to educational textbooks, training facilities, equipment and certificates of the special stamp-label of MESU». Canceled by Order of MESU №486 «On some issues of cancellation by MESU procedures of conferring a special classified stamp-label to educational textbooks for higher educational establishments» of 8.04.2014.

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The researchers of the  Department of Marketing and Commercial Activities of the Economic Faculty of KSUFTT (left to right): 1. Mr. Igor Tarasov, Ass. Prof., Cand in EconSciD. 2. Mr. Andriy Krasnousov, Ass.Prof., Cand in EconSciD, and others during the presentation and defense of the results of one of the accomplished RTD works on theme  at the specialized designing room of Dept, equipped with modern computer equipment and specialized computer hardware with specialized software.