The Department was organized in 2014.

The total number of full time faculty - 18 employees, including – 3 professors, of which  – 3 doctors of science,  10 assistant professors, Ph.D. in Economics, 5 Senior Lecturers, 1 assistant.

Head of Department


Dr. Viktoria Grosul, DSc(Econ), Prof.
Contact phone office: +380 57 349 45 94;
E-mail: (UA version)

Deputy Dept Head on Research:
filipen Dr. Olena Filipenko
Position: Prof.
Contact phone office:  +380 57 349 45 94
Contact person from Faculty speaking in English:
krasnokut Dr. Nataliya Krasnokutskaya
Position: Prof. (combine jobs), Sci. degree: DSc(Econ), Prof.
Contact phone office: +380 57 349 45 94, +380 57 707 65 39
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Department short description

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Our team – research-and-academic staff of the Department of Economics and Management

RTD activities of Department

The basis of R&D activity at the Department

The Department of Economics and Management is one of the leading departments of the Faculty of Economics  of KSUFTT, which activity is aimed at preparation of highly qualified managers for different sectors of national economy.

Concept of activity of the Department is to train highly  skilled specialists with innovative and creative thinking, which provides training in the integration of education, science and production.

Research activity of the Department is conducted according to the Plan of research work of the University both on the state budget and also on self-financing contractual themes.

Priority areas of scientific research of the Department:

  • developing an adaptive management system of trade enterprises, its theoretical and methodological bases;
  • management of financial and economic security of retail enterprises and development of its theoretical foundations;
  • assessment of adaptive potential of enterprise;
  • developing an adaptive strategy of trade enterprise;
  • developing an information and educational environment of educational institution.

Scientific research work of the Department is adapted to modern conditions of management, focused on the solution of applied problems in the field of economics and management at the enterprise with the use of information technology.

Department has experience in implementing projects on management of financial security, development and assessment of resource potential, competitiveness in trade and restaurant enterprises as part of the budget, state budget and contractual scientific themes.

Department developed and implemented own scientific school in R&D activity under the title Management of Business Development (scientific supervisor – Dr. Viktoriya Grosul, DSc(Econ), Prof.).

Key research areas, which are carried out under the above-mentioned scientific school, are:

  • Management of enterprise development
  • Development and diagnostics of enterprises’ business model
  • Performance management of the enterprise
  • Diagnostics of adaptive potential of the enterprise
  • Developing an adaptive management system of the enterprise
  • Financial and economic security of the enterprise.

The key priorities of the Department are professional competence increasing, developing creative potential of its teaching staff, creating information and consulting resources with remote access to educational materials, meeting the needs of trade and food enterprises to improve the scientific and methodological tools of managerial decisions and to ensure their performance. All this defines the main task of the Department within its main areas of scientific research:

  • Accession to the European and World priority areas of basic and applied researches in the field of management, ensuring business performance in trade and restaurant industries by using modern knowledge-based software; computerization of the educational and R&D processes; entry into the European and World economic and information environment (participation of scientists of the Department in the implementation of national and international scientific-and-technical programs;  involvement in international researches, publication of scientific papers in national and international specialized scientific journals);
  • Introduction and strengthening of contacts with the relevant departments of specialized foreign universities, development of scientific cooperation with leading scientific information centers and universities in Europe and in the world (joint implementation of inter-university international programs in economics, management, and informatization, making presentations at international scientific conferences, etc.);
  • Ensuring the integration of the educational process, science and production, scientific cooperation with specialists in the leading enterprises of the Kharkiv region due to their integration into European and world economy;
  • Implementation of a continuous cycle of research activity – from basic and applied research to implementation of results of scientific-technical development in practice (in the form of in the form of methodological and applied tools);
  • Preparation of monographs, textbooks, manuals, scientific papers and abstracts to ensure a high level of educational process of Masters programs;
  • Preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff in postgraduate and doctoral studies, improving the scientific level of teachers of the Department through the training and defense PhD and DSc theses in the field of business development;
  • Intensification of scientific-research work of students through involving them in the scientific-research activity of the Department, organization of masters research work in management for development of students’ creative thinking and scientific inquiry skills;
  • Others areas.

Currently, scientists of the Department practically are working on the following R&D topics:

  • Complex assessment of resource potential of trade enterprise.
  • Assessment of adaptive potential of enterprise.
  • Developing an adaptive strategy of trade enterprise.
  • Assessment of competitive potential of trade enterprise.

International  R&D activity

One of the main international R&D activity of the Department is creation the highly qualified human resource capacity of the European level – the scientists, meeting the modern requirements of information competence of lecturers-researchers, actively involved into the European research framework programs (EU FP) (preparation of PhD and DSc theses of European quality, organization of scientific training for the scientists, in collaboration with foreign partners - preparation for the publication of specialized books, research papers, textbooks and manuals, participation in international conferences, seminars and exhibitions).

Expected involvement of Department  in FP8 - Horizon 2020 (2014-2020)

h2020 logo

Currently Department carries out much organizational work on searching for profile consortia within WP-Food 2016-2017 of the  Sub-priority Food Security Priority area Societal Challenges  2 EU Program Horizon 2020 (2014-2020) first of all – in area of Economics of food production and logistics to deliver them to consumers and in other relevant research areas.

Material-and-technical base of the Department

Material-and-technical base of the Department provides optimally both educational process and R&D activity of scientists and students.

Department has the necessary material-and-technical base for ensuring the educational process and to carry out R&D work of research staff and students: lecture halls and classrooms, where lectures, seminars and workshops are held. Premises for lectures and workshops meet the modern requirements for educational process with use of modern computer equipment, specialized computer devices and software.

Basic expertises and RTD carried out by the Departments for project customers

Profile research and industry expertises that The Department of Economics and Management  can actually performs in the case of address to him with such request possible European project consortium within the Horizon 2020 Programme:

  • Applied-targeted research and industry expertises in the field of business development.
  • Innovative Agri-Food Networks: unlocking the potential for the competitiveness and sustainability.
  • Crop diversification systems for the delivery of food, feed, industrial products and ecosystems services - from farm benefits to value-chain organization.
  • Demonstration of integrated logistics centers for food and non-food applications.
  • Other specialized expertises on a proposal of foreign customer.
  • The Department  is also ready to perform part of the of project profile scientific researches and carry out scientific expertises on the topics, proposed by the coordinator of the European project consortium.

Scientific achievements of the Department

Scientific developments are implemented in the leading trade enterprises of Ukraine and educational process:

  • implemented in educational process – 61 R&D;
  • implemented in enterprises – 43 R&D.

Scientific-and-publishing activity

According to the results of 5 last completed R&D works and other completed special scientific researches:

  • were published: scientific papers - 139; monographs - 13; textbooks - 4;
  • were received certificates of registration of copyright - 8;
  • were prepared theses: PhD in Economics - 8; DSc(Econ) - 1.

Results of researches are also presented in scientific publications and on scientific-and-practical national and international conferences, which are listed in such international scientific-metric database as Scopus, Compendex, Inspec, Engineering Village and others.