Almost 100% of the research-and-teaching staff are involved in doing research works. About 90 research papers are performed each year, most of which are unique and correspond to international standards. Research development of University’s scientists introduced in various sectors of agriculture of Ukraine: bakery, confectionery, food concentrates, fat, meat, dairy, vegetable processing industries in the food sector, used in the educational process to bring new knowledge to the future professionals of the industry, and through them – into industrial production.

Leading scientists of the University actively cooperate with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) and simultaneously are members of other industrial academy of sciences.  For example,   Prof. Oleksander Cherevko is an Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Grygoriy Deynichenko – Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Technology, Prof. Lyudmila Maljuk – full member of the Ukrainian Academy of Technology; Prof. Pavlo Pyvovarov, Fedir Pertsevoy and Prof. Raisa Pavlyuk – full members of  the International Academy of Refrigeration.

University’s professors are involved in certification of scientific work in specialized scientific councils on theses in various educational-and-scientific institutions of Ukraine, performs research works under the joint research activities, involved in the examination of scientific and educational materials, give lectures and classes.

The students of KSUFT are being attracted to the various forms of RTD.  Over 1000 students participates in 92 student scientific circles. In the development of State budgeting departmental scientific research work are involved about 700 students, 30 of which – on contractual basis. In-depth study of subjects in student's scientific circles, individual work with talanted students, participation in scientific olympiads  intensifies training activities, develops skills and creates a favorable atmosphere of creative competition. Repeatedly, our students became winners of various competitions of scientific works of Ukrainian Student Olympiad.

With purpose  to attract talented students from rural schools to scientific work at the University has been working  the open sections of the Junior Academy of Sciences in the following areas: Economics and Management of Trade and Restaurant Business, Processes and Equipment of Food Production, Food Technology and  Merchandising of Food and Non-Food Goods.