University is joined the National Technology Transfer Network (NTTN), which is created on the basis of 34 personal sub-administrator's rooms and access to the electronic database technology profiles of Ukraine and the European Network EEN.

KSUFTT awarded the status of a certified member NTTN networks and open business FT (Food & Trade) segment of NTTN Network. Innovative infrastructure - the NTTN's office with the status of a permanent working body was created in KSUFT, the activity of which is to disseminate the results of intellectual work, the commercialization of research and development, the search for partners to implement innovative projects.

In the network of NTTN ( were created 104 technology offers. University joined the Memorandum On International Cooperation of the National Technology Transfer Network NTTN with the Ukrainian members of the European Network of Companies - EEN.

Especially now becomes particularly important the preservation of intellectual potential, government support of creators and innovators and talented youth. The market requires the adoption of strategic decisions concerning the implementation of infrastructure of scientific, technical, and creative activity in the production of closed cycle from idea and design to production and use.

In the process of creation of intellectual property rights annually employ more than 100 authors. The university annually receives more than 60 patents for inventions, utility models and other documents of title. Scientists of the University over the past 10 years produced more than 550 titles of protection profiling of subjects. Today, on the balance of University are 115 patents for inventions and utility models that can be implemented on a commercial basis to further ensure the extra-budgetary funding of scientific research. The participation of the University in various activities for promoting the scientific research developments allowed to conclude 19 agreements for the commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights, perform 33 contractual works to provide 25 scientific services to the food processing industry and to carry out the implementation of scientific-and-technical production, including 237 research developments – in production and 154 – in the academic activity.

With the purpose of promotion and commercialization of scientific and technical development of the University, providing protection and fair use of intellectual property, examination of the commercial potential of scientific results KSUFTT to identify the most promising objects and areas that are of commercial interest, information and analytical support of works on creation, guarding, protection and commercialization of intellectual property a structures of commercialization of intellectual property is functioning at the University. The work is aimed at developing innovation, patent and licensing work, advertising, scientific research, partner search and transfer of new technologies into production, the integration of scientists and teachers to European professional environment.

Constantly draws attention to the perspective of partnership with industrialists and entrepreneurs, carrying out joint research work on creation and introduction of new technologies into production. University takes part and is the direct organizer of many activities for the innovative development of the Kharkiv region. KSUFTT is an active participant in the restructuring of the regional innovation system in the Kharkiv region, primarily through the creation on its base of scientific-and-technical development of competitive technologies of food, equipment and food processing plants, assess market development strategies, and so on.

Information support of scientific and pedagogical workers, graduate students about the possibilities of the use of intellectual property, as well as participation in international and national programs, competitions, grants etc is performing. The Updated catalog of scientific research, the handbook and guidelines of the organization of work for the creation and commercialization of intellectual property, annotated reports state budget, budget and contract research projects University annually publishes.

With the view to attracting extrabudgetary funds, University actively participates in exhibitions and conferences, where University's research developments generates interest from industry and foreign participants. Wide advertizing of research developments of University allows to work closely with the leading enterprises of Ukraine. KSUFTT is an annual participant of Ukrainian-German project "The Night of Science" in which were presented the latest research projects in the field of modern food technologies.

Work for information and attraction research-and-teaching staff and graduate students to international scientific-and-technical programs, cooperation with universities in other countries, including in joint international research projects under the new seven-year EU Framework Programme for Research-and-Technological and Innovative Development - «Horizon 2020» - is intensifying.

The market's needs in the use of intellectual property of the University during the search for potential partners in the negotiation and implementation of agreements on scientific-research works is permanently being studied. The analysis of research and educational works, which are scheduled to perform, forecasting their results to determine patentable subject matter, which have commercial potential in conjunction with the relevant units of the University is carried out. Monitoring and analyze the results of scientific research for early detection established commercially significant intellectual property and the like along with the educational and research departments, with other educational institutions and research institutions, is carried out.

Towards the commercialization of intellectual property on the preparation and dissemination of information in the form of brochures of University's scientific research on the baking, confectionery, pasta, meat, food concentrates, vegetable processing, yeast industry of Ukraine is being worked. University's exhibition of scientific research is constantly updated with new samples that contributes to the expansion of horizons of students and promote the achievements of scientists among the guests and other interested parties. Brochures scientific research of the University reside on the Web-page in the Internet. License agreements for the commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights annually successfully concluded.