To carry out structural changes and improving the qualitative composition of the scientific staff of great importance is given to their preparation, the foundation of which are numerous scientific studies that are carried out within the framework of the existing 21 schools of the university, which efficiently uses modern technology research under the guidance of leading scientists.

Presentation of scientific schools of the University is held to promote their achievements and future development, located on the Web-site university in the Internet.

The basic scientific schools of KSUFT well known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

  • Improvement of processes, equipment, food production and development of advanced technologies for processing of agricultural raw materials.
  • Examination of the processes of food production, research development and improvement of technology of food products and equipment for its production.
  • Basic and applied research in the development and implementation of nanotechnology in the production of various kinds of vegetable raw materials.
  • Improving the technology of bakery and confectionery products using non-traditional raw materials.
  • Scientific bases of technology of restructured products prepared by ionotropic gelation.
  • Investigation of heat exchange processes and apparatus for improving the thermal and refrigerating food processing.
  • Scientific substantiation and development of technologies for modified gelling agents.
  • The theoretical and practical aspects of the conservation of biologically active substances of fruit and vegetable raw materials in their processing.
  • The scientific justification and optimization of resources to preserve the quality of food products in the processing of vegetable raw materials.
  • The scientific basis for the development of food products with health and curative properties.
  • Heat and mass transfer, energy efficiency: processes and drying technology of food raw materials.
  • Geometric modeling of radiative heat transfer in food processing.
  • The non-waste technology processing of food raw materials and equipment design.
  • Technology of formation of quality products for special applications.
  • Scientific substantiation of intermolecular interactions in food systems.
  • The specifics of the accounting system: legal framework, institutional framework, methodology.
  • Expenditure and financial results in catering and trade.
  • The efficiency of the enterprises of restaurant economy and trade in the current economic conditions.
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of functioning and development of business entities in the face of international competition.
  • Economic-theoretical aspects of the trading industry.
  • Management of the hotel and restaurant industry, trade and tourism in the context of globalization.