Research & Technology Development Sector (RTDS) of University

The history of Research Sector (RTDS) begins since 1978. Research Sector of University ensures that the fundamental and applied research at the expense of budgetary funds, applied research to commercial contracts with enterprises and organizations; has been active in the creation of departments at the University research laboratories; helps to intensify the introduction of scientific developments in production thanks to their comprehensive advertising.

The University implemented a system of competitive selection of research projects, which are financed from the State budget. Projects of research works are discussed at meetings of the advisory-expert councils of the University, where is determined the relevance and scientifically sound prospects of the project, its economic and social importance, scientific and scientific-and-technical innovation, consistent with the expected world-class products, prospects of implementation and proposals for the promotion of products on the market, the presence and level of scientific groundwork and publications, participation of students and young scientists, the availability of material and technical base, etc.

Scientific research primarily aimed at addressing energy- and resources saving in food production, human health, balanced, sustainable, adequate, diet and preventive nutrition, environmental safety, as well as to information and logistical support to the sphere of scientific-and-technical activities.

The University's research developments on creation:

  • product functionality
  • products using non-traditional raw materials
  • natural fruit and vegetable products
  • fast food
  • simulated natural food products
  • dietary food additives
  • safe immunomodulatory products using dietary food additives

received wide practical application.

In the performance of research work are involved 100% of the teaching-and-research staff. During the period of operation (1978-2014) at the Research Sector (RTDS) were performed 1171 contractual research works and were rendered scientific-and-technical services commissioned by enterprises of different ownership forms. Since 1993 at the University are carried out each year 4-7 State budgetary research works on the plan of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on a competitive basis. Only in the last 10 years, were concluded 302 agreement on creative collaboration, developed and approved in the prescribed manner 113 regulatory documents, were implemented 797 research developments in various sectors of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine: bakery, confectionery, food concentrates, fat, meat, dairy, vegetable processing industries, the restaurant sector, trade. The research results are potentially competitive and has a practical implementation in the national economy, and also are constantly being introduced into the educational process of training bachelors, masters and postgraduate students.