Development of new competitive technologies for the management of food and health care, child, gerodietologiс food.

  • Processing of agricultural products in small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Development and research processes and devices for food production, trade, restaurant business enterprises.
  • Study of environmental issues, labour protection.
  • Examination of food and agricultural products.
  • Improvement of the forms and methods of economic management in the enterprises of trade, restaurant business.
  • New computer tools and technology information society.
  • Preparation of regulatory and project documentation of various kinds of goods and services.
  • Improve automation of accounting, control and analysis of economic activities in the food sector and trade.
  • Research the range and quality & safety of goods.
  • Development of evidence-based methodology industry standardization and development of normative and technical documentation of food.
  • Scientific support solving problems of human health and environmental safety, energy efficiency and energy saving.
  • Problems of population policies, human development and the formation of a society.

Scientific activity in KSUFTT is an integral part of the educational activities carried out and to integrate scientific, educational and industrial activities in the higher education system.

RTD at the University are the basis of teacher training, improve their professional level. They stimulate the creative activity of students during the development of their knowledge, as well as an additional source of socio-economic development of the university.

Research work provides an opportunity to improve their skills faculty and academic staff members in each department, the scientific division, to improve their professional skills and obtain a high level scientist, teacher, able to work for the training level of bachelor, specialist, master.