Dear friends!

As Rector, I take great pleasure in sharing with you the honour of seeing Kharkov State University of Food Technology and Trade take its place as one of the best universities in the field of food technology and trade in Ukraine.

I am pleased to welcome you to the University striving to establish itself in the front rank of European higher education, and hastening our efforts towards greater cooperation with Europe within the Bologna Principles. In order to optimize our effectiveness we have structured our International Relations Department which aims to cultivate deeper cooperation between our University and institutions in other countries.

Our ambition is to educate our students to the very highest European standards, offering tutorials, classes and lectures, supported by computer laboratories equipped with a wide variety of high-technology equipment, and backed up by state-of-the-art practice and research laboratories. These facilities will be available to the students and teaching staff of our University. We take great pleasure in presenting this Information Package, which gives detailed information about living and studying at our University.

On behalf of our academic staff and students I would like to extend you a warm welcome as you look forward to becoming one of prospective students of KSUFTT, and anticipate the advantages and experiences to be gained from your term of study at our University.

O. Cherevko