University provides professional development of foreign citizens of all previously mentioned specialities in the form of probation.

PhD courses are available at the University. Post-graduate course duration is 3-4 years, followed by thesis defense and degrees of PhD are awarded.

Faculty Specialities Term of studies Cost
(per year)
  • International economics*
  • Marketing*
  • Economics of enterprise*
    Bachelor - 4 years
    Master  - 1,5 years
Accounting & Finance
  • Accounting & Audit
  • Finance
    Bachelor - 4 years
    Master  - 1,5 years

(Faculty of Management of Commercial and Entrepreneurial and Customs Activities)

Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity


  • Commodity science and organization of foreign trade
  • Commodity science and expertise in customs
  • Expertise of goods and hotel and restaurant services
  • Safety and quality management in food industry and hotel and restaurant business
  • Organization of wholesale, retail and logistics
    Bachelor - 4 years
    Master  - 1,5 years
  • Management of organizations *
  • Management of  foreign economic activity*
  • Hotel & restaurant business*
    Bachelor - 4 years
    Master  - 1,5 years
 Food  engineering
(Equipment  &   technical service)
  • Equipment for processing and food industries
    Bachelor - 4 years
    Master  - 1,5 years
 Food science
(Institute of  food  technologies  &  business)
  • Food technology
  • Technology of bakery, confectionary, pasta & food concentrates production
  • Technology of storage, preservation and processing of vegetables
  • Technology of storage, preservation and processing of milk
  • Technology of storage, preservation and processing of meat
    Bachelor - 4 years
    Master  - 1,5 years

*Teaching in English

!!! Tuition fee does not include residence in the dormitory, medical service and insurance, submission of the documents for the registration, visas and other expenses.

Residence in the hostel equals $30-40 per month for one bed.
Every student of the University is provided with a place in a dormitory.