University provides professional development of foreign citizens of all previously mentioned specialities in the form of probation.

Conditions of foreigners' admission to study

Foreigners who have completed general secondary education, have no medical contraindications for living in climatic conditions of Ukraine, and study in the corresponding specialties are accepted for education. Foreigners who have studied in higher educational establishments of foreign countries are accepted for further higher education in Ukraine based on the documents, which prove the availability of the completed educational qualification level.

Foreigners who have completed higher education and demonstrated abilities for research work are accepted to post graduate school. Persons entering the postgraduate or doctoral studies, additionally submit a list of published scientific works, indicating the place of printing, certified by the head of the educational institution or organization at the place of work. Persons, who do not have any published works, submit scientific reports (abstracts) on the chosen scientific specialty.

The documents and order of their presentation

Foreigners - candidates for study in Ukraine, submit the following documents:

  • application to the rector of the university;
  • original, copy and notarized translation of the document on the complete secondary education;
  • original, copy and notarized translation of the appendix to the document on the complete secondary education with the estimates;
  • a document issued by a competent state authority certifying the right of the candidate to continue education in the educational institutions of the country where secondary education was obtained;
  • a document on the acquisition of higher education at the educational and qualification level "Bachelor", "Master" - for candidates for obtaining an educational qualification level "Master" or for studying in the postgraduate study;
  • a health certificate certified by an official health authority of the country from which the alien arrives;
  • passport document and its 2 notarized copies with the translation to Ukrainian;
  • 10 photos in the size of 3 x 4 cm

The documents specified in clauses 2-5 must be certified according to the legislation of the country of their issuance and legalized according to the established procedure, translated into Ukrainian, certified by a notary public.

Documents for studies are sent to the University twice a year:
from July 1 to October 25, and from December 1 to February 20

Entrance tests are conducted
from July 2 to October 28, and from January 8 until February 25, respectively.

En rollment for studies takes place
from July 5 to November 1 and from February 9 to March 1.

Duration of study:

  • Bachelor - 4 years;
  • Master's degree - 1,5 years after the bachelor's program;
  • Ph.D. - 4 years (only after a Master's degree).

CLASSES START from SEPTEMBER 1 as the groups are formed.

Taking into account the introduction of quarantine on the territory of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine plans to EXTEND ADMISSION OF FOREIGN CITIZENS UNTIL DECEMBER 15, 2020 (instead of November 1) and TILL APRIL 15, 2021 (instead of March 1, 2021), by full-time, distance or correspondence forms of education, taking into account the requirements of the standards of higher education.